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Amazing New Discovery
(Relieves Pain in Minutes)

We Have a Miracle Lotion that ....

          • Is 100% Natural

          • Stops Pain in Minutes
          • Relieves Arthritic Pain
          • Stops Cramps in Legs, Feet, & Arm
          • Relieves Joint and Muscle Pain
          • Stops Swelling in Ankles and Legs
          • Relieves Tendonitis
          • Promotes Healing
          • Has No Side Effects
          • Has No Chemicals
          • Has No Preservatives
          • Is Very Affordable
          • Is Effective and Available

This formula is a cure for any and all
chronic pain and is excellent for asthma.
It works in 90 seconds with no side
effects to worry about at all.

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Just Apply where it Hurts and You
will feel the results in Minutes

We at Kegler's have discovered, perfected and patented a topical applied formulation that will relieve any pain in less than three minutes when applied to the area of pain or concern. This formula does this by depleting Substance P, the neurotransmitter impulses. What that means is this, from wherever you have pain, the neurotransmitter sends out pain signals electronically that travel from the point of pain, up to the spinal column, to the hypothalamus area in the brain. When this signal is block, the pain is relieved.

All pain is felt and registered in the hypothalamus area. This formula is a neurotransmitter blocker and it blocks signals between the area of pain and the hypothalamus area in the brain. In informal tests, the lotion has proven extremely effective in reducing or eliminating pain and swelling at the point of application. Pain is effectively eliminated within minutes of application and swelling is significantly reduced within the first hour following application. After one-hundred thousand application, we have had no side effects.

We Have Solved the Riddle of
relieving Pain without Side Effects

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