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Our mission is to place a bottle of our Formula
in every Household in America and the World.

Company Info

U.S. Patent 6,635,659 was finally issued to Arrie Kegler for Keg's Arthritis Relief Formula on October 31, 2003, after he spent $25,000 and eight years of battling the U.S. Patent Office ... finally winning his case in the U.S. Patent Appeals Court.

Kegler's U.S. Patent (applicable worldwide) establishes what many satisfied customers, who have used Keg's Arthritis Relief Formula, already know -- that no other product, on the face of this earth, contains the same ingredients.

These ingredients, which are all natural, were formulated over 160 years ago by Arrie Kegler's great, great, great grandparents in the cotton fields of Georgia and passed down through generations of family members. Mr. Kegler received the formula from his mother after experiencing excruciating pain from arthritis that no local hospital could relieve.

Relieves Pain in Minutes!

He informed La Vida News - The Black Voice, "Three minutes after I applied this formula to the arthritic areas of my body, the pain was gone. I couldn't believe it. After all those years of suffering and trying to find relief from the pain, and the answer was at my doorsteps all the time."

Arrie Kegler shared his product with church members and friends who had pain. The results were the same -- total relief of pain for an extended period of time. Not being a chemist or medical technician, Mr. Kegler didn't originally understand why the product worked, so he did research.

Essentially, all pain is only recognized in the thalamus portion of the brain. It receives electrical responses from the nervous system. Substance P is what transmits pain, and Keg's formula, which is absorbed through the skin and tissues, depletes Substance P ... thus eliminating pain.

No side effects!

"The best part about Keg's formula is that it is completely organic (all natural ingredients), and after 175,000 applications, there has never been any side effects. Nothing on the market (prescribed or over-the-counter) works as well," the 'King of Pain Relief' enlightened us.

There are volumes of testimonials that document results from Keg's relief formula. It has been used by sports professionals (including some Dallas Cowboys) and in clinical trials at Cedars-Siani Medical Center in Los Angeles. But while awaiting his U.S. Patent, Arrie Kegler has had to keep a somewhat low-profile in marketing Keg's formula (for his own protection).